The Light Table

A table consisting of a flat surface with a light source that shines towards its surface with different colours. The colours can be controlled through remote control or buttons. Available in more than 16 luminous colors, in addition to the feature of changing the color by sound.

It helps to stimulate the sense of touch and sight through the sand and shapes that children play with on the table surface, and the change in the lighting colors.

Where is the lighting table used and who can benefit from it?

It’s used in classrooms, preparatory classes and homes, for children in early childhood such as nurseries, kindergartens and rehabilitation centers.

Usage and Benefits of the Light Table

It is used in playing, academic learning, scientific discovery, and sensory integration.

It is used to play and draw with sand on the surface of the table. Shapes are placed on its surface and played with, to make various shades.

It is a way to learn math, science, language and reading

Encourages a range of developmental skills such as fine motor development, pre-writing skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and more!

It can be used to develop children’s speech by stimulating them to make sounds to change colors on the surface.