Tactile Panel

A wooden board that provides a stimulating environment for children using hands and fingers. It has different textures on its surface, in addition to games with multiple objectives and levels. The Tactile Panel is provided according to the age and level of the children, shape, and size of the wall. The wall includes 25 different activities that include different textures, games such as a maze game for advanced levels, and mobile games that emit different sounds or smells.

The Tactile Panel is one of the sensory tools that stimulate four senses at the same time through the availability of colored tools to stimulate the sense of sight, various touch surfaces to stimulate the sense of touch, and additives with different smells to stimulate the sense of smell, and moving tools that make sounds to stimulate the sense of hearing.

Uses and benefits of the Tactile Panel

  • It helps the child to distinguish colors by touching them.
  • Stimulate children’s sense of touch by going through different textures.
  • Helps children distinguish all kinds of textures around us.
  • Harmonizing eye and hand movement together.
  • Stimulating the nerve endings in children and strengthening the fine muscles.
  • It helps the child to learn some daily skills such as tying shoes – types of locks – and closing doors.
  • Teaching children numbers, geometric shapes, and some concentration games.