Sensory tiles

آيرس - البلاط الزيتي

Tiles containing a multicolored oily viscous liquid are placed in rooms as passageways for children to create a unique sensory experience. The liquid disperses within the tiles as soon as you stand or press on them. The brightly colored tile stimulates both visual, kinesthetic, and tactile stimulation.

Uses and benefits of the Sensory tiles

  • It is used for sensory stimulation of the limbs by encouraging children to stand or pressing them to move the fluid in them.
  • It calms the random movement of children and regulates their movement by walking on the colored tiles.
  • It motivates children to move by jumping, dancing, and walking on its surface.
  • Helps visually stimulate children by moving the colored liquid inside the tile and changing its colors by changing the colors of the room.
  • It improves children’s walking by training them to walk over tiles to follow a specific object or to get something on the other end of the tiles
Sensory tiles