jockey swing

آيرس - أرجوحة الجوكي 1

A hanging swing with a cushion to sit on provides a relaxing and fun space for children in a different way and shape from the traditional swing, where children can sit in several positions. Whether sitting with their legs hanging from the opening, sitting fully inside it, or fully standing on it.

Usage and Benefits of the jockey swing

  • Provides a sense of safety and reassurance for children by swinging gently and quietly.
  • Provides a great sensory swing for Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder, as it provides sensory input that is both calming and stimulating to the senses.
  • It has a great role in developing the vestibular sense in children by swinging in various directions, which will provide positive sensory benefits for children.
  • An ideal way to provide relaxation for children.
  • It helps in achieving sensory balance and children’s awareness of their bodies.
  • It improves the reception and sensory stimulation of children through swinging sensory inputs. It is used to swing quietly in several positions and directions.