Interactive table

An all-in-one interactive table to transform space into a playground, attractively designed for centers, schools, and kindergartens.
One child or a group of children can use it at the same time. The table contains special educational and entertaining games that are used by touch, and it can also be used for general purposes such as browsing and video viewing, and many applications can be installed on the table as it is connected to the Internet.

It is a fun way to teach children and gain knowledge through the diverse content in it that can be added at the time the user desires, and it is also a way to stimulate children’s sense of touch and sight.

Uses and benefits of the Interactive table

  • Supplied with educational games for children of all ages.
  • Kids can touch, tap and drag objects, draw and play through the screen on the table, stimulating their sense of touch and sight.
  • It helps children learn and gain knowledge through the available activities.