Interactive steps

It is a staircase consisting of 5 steps in a pyramid shape, with different colors on each step, and a sound system that works with the child’s steps on the stairs through a sensor under each step, so that it makes sounds derived from nature-based on each color that appears.

Helps the child discover sound and light through the steps on the interactive staircase, which stimulates the child to walk and move through the coordination between the senses of sight and hearing. When the child steps on the stairs, lights appear between their feet, and music and sounds flow in the place, as a visual, audible, and kinesthetic activity for the child.

Uses and benefits of the Interactive steps

  • Helps strengthen the child’s visual abilities and regulate the movement of the feet on the stairs.
  • Strengthen the child’s muscles while going up and down the stairs.
  • Discharge negative energy in children through their interaction with the lighting in the stairs.
  • It is a visual, kinesthetic, and audible activity for children.
  • Stimulates children’s hearing as the music plays with the child’s steps on the stairs.
  • Helps the child to walk with regular and consistent steps.