Fibers Optical

Optical fibers stimulate the senses of touch and sight and increase children’s concentration through its changing lights, which encourages children to interact with the activities of the sensory environment

Flexible fibers integrated with color-changing lighting, available in different colors that are controlled by side-colored buttons. It supports three variable colors and is available in several lengths.

Optical fibers provide an opportunity for children to interact with and touch the light through a wonderful and comfortable texture, and beautiful and shiny streamlined lights, which add a special elegance to the room’s atmosphere.

Uses and benefits of the Fibers Optical

  • It strengthens the sense of touch and sight in children.
  • Adds a special elegance to the sensory room.
  • The attractive lights help to relax.
  • It draws attention and increases focus in children.
  • Encourage children to interact with the surrounding sensory environment.
  • It is used for people who suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders.
  • Achieving sensory integration in children and the elderly.