Bubble tubes

Cylinders filled with water bubbles and lights that dance under the room lights. The colors of the light inside the tubes can be controlled through side buttons located below them, as they support changing colors through the availability of a lighting system inside.

It is used to provide a lightful and fun experience for children, through which they can identify colors and express some of the feelings they feel by relaxing next to it with the sound of water movement inside through moving and changing bubbles.

Bubble tubes are an essential component of any sensory room to create calm and relieve stress, as they are a way to stimulate children’s senses to interact with them and help them focus.

Uses and benefits of the Bubble tubes

  • Bubble tubes provide multisensory interactions and stimulate the visual system.
  • Enhance color recognition and visual perception.
  • Provide calm and relieve stress for people and make them feel comfortable.
  • Helps increase user concentration while using bubble tubes.
  • It helps in regulating hand movement and vision.
  • Achieving visual satisfaction for the user.