Bean bag

They are comfortable and safe seats for children. When sitting on them, they take the shape of the person’s body. They are suitable for all ages.

The bean bag chair is used inside the sensory room for children to sit on comfortably, as it is placed next to other sensory tools to sit on and combines with the lighting of the fiber-optic tools that cover the sofa when the child sits on it.

It provides comfort and relaxation for the person sitting on it, is suitable for children’s playing, and is used as a seat in classrooms.

Uses and benefits of the Bean bag

  • Helps calm and relaxation.
  • Suitable for playing.
  • Children sit on it in the special fiber-optic sessions and the lighting merges with the seats to attract the children’s attention and help them relax and interact.
  • They are used as seats in classrooms in kindergartens.
  • Used to sleep on it.
  • Placed as home furniture.