Jenin Tourism Interactive Centre

The Jenin District and the City of Jenin are situated within a strategic area that includes archaeological and religious sites, forests, plains, ancient roads and buildings of significant historical value. Jenin Visitors Centre is the biggest touristic centre in the north of Palestine, equipped with high-tech solutions serving as digital information portal for visitors and tourists.


Design and implement digital solutions offering information to visitors in an easily accessible fashion. Design should take into consideration information flow, user interface & user experience, content structure, and hardware specification.


Three spaces each offering an interactive experience: 360° virtual tours of 6 sites of historical significance presented on touchscreens at the center’s entrance & exit; a 4-minute video covering the city’s history broadcast on a 150-inch cinema screen (edge-blending technology); gallery room equipped with 130-inch 4K multi-touch screen showcasing crowdsourced pictures of the city’s artists, plus 2 interactive portfolios of local handcrafts available at the center’s gift shop.

Client: Ministry of Local Governance

The governmental body presenting the Palestinian Ministry of Local Governance.

Client: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

The governmental body presenting the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Client: Governance of Jenin

The governmental body ofMinistry of Local Governance in Jenin district