Iris participate in the investment forum for start-up companies 2021

Iris Interactive Solutions is participating in the activities of the Investment Forum for Startups for 2021. In a practical step to entering the Arab and global markets more broadly. The company has sought since its establishment to participate in international conferences to provide an interactive environment along with other companies in international forums, being the leading company in the field of creating interactive sensory environments in Palestine and the only Palestinian company to participate in this year’s forum.


The forum was organized virtually this year, due to the world’s passing through the COVID-19 pandemic, and it lasts for three days, 4th-6th of March. It includes several events represented by providing an exhibition of projects in the form of a virtual introductory corner for each company, consisting of 50 startups around the world, holding 6 Workshops supervised by senior executives at King Abdullah University of Technology, revolving around topics specific to business creation. In addition to working sessions with investors, which constitute an opportunity to form a network of distinguished relations with them.


The forum aims to provide a platform for emerging and small companies from around the world to gather with investors and expand their business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which venture capitalists, venture capital companies, as well as individual investors participate to invest in the activities of some of the participating companies. The number of attendees during the days of the forum reached more than 800 people from 7 Arab and international countries.


It is noteworthy that the Startup Investment Forum was established in 2015 as a global network concerned with entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide with the aim of promoting and enriching the entrepreneurship environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The forum is held annually and opens the door to all participants of entrepreneurs around the world.


See the forum’s agenda