Iris Technology Solutions continues its achievements in the interactive field

Iris kicks off 2nd phase of equipping the Museum of Palestinian Identity and Narrative in Nablus

July 12, 2021, Nablus, Iris Solutions have signed an agreement with the Social Charitable Center Society. With support and funding from the Taawon Association, Iris will be suppling the hardware, equipment and developing software necessary to equip the Cultural Center for Palestinian Identity and Narrative. Director of operations in Iris Solutions, Mr. Muhammad Al-Nanish, and the Director of Projects in the Society, Dr Adnan Odeh signed the agreement today. This comes as a part of a tender that was put forward to attract technology companies to implement the project.

The Cultural Center for Palestinian Memory and Narrative project aims to restore Palestinian awareness and memory for current and future generations. In addition, to informing visitors and students of the details of civil life in Palestine before the Nakba, by presenting the history of the Arab-Palestinian civilization since the Kabari civilization and the Natufiyya in 18,000 BC until the present day. This will be done by displaying the information visually and audibly in an interactive manner. The project aims to preserving historical buildings and employing them culturally to stop the deterioration of the system of ruling values and concepts. The centre will also serve as a club for professional retirees and invest their capabilities and expertise in the realization of the project.

Iris Solutions will supply the hardware, software and equipment necessary to implement the project, by providing the necessary devices and screens required to display cultural and interactive materials. In addition to that, to implementing a mobile application and a website linked to the centre’s content. It will enrich the website with all the information related to the Palestinian narrative and identity.

The centre’s interactive contents will include producing and presenting documentaries about Palestine, history, civilization, people, and the issue. In addition to producing and presenting a documentary about Nablus, the Canaanite city 3600 BC, by presenting its history, neighborhoods, families, buildings, and scholars. Moreover, a documentary will also be produced on the soap and soap industry in Nablus and its economic, political and social role. In addition to providing a database, integrated information on the geography and demography of Palestine and displaying it via an interactive electronic map. It will also show short documentaries about the Palestinian issue, destroyed and abandoned villages and camps. All of this will be shown through interactive screens and tablets in an audio-visual interactive way with the user.

It is noteworthy that Iris Technology Systems has worked over the past ten years to implement many interactive tourism projects. Most notable, the Yasser Arafat Museum with its interactive solutions, and the Jenin Visitor Center, which is considered the largest tourist centre in northern Palestine, where a fully interactive tour was provided inside it through interactive technologies. The centre is a digital information portal for tourists in Palestine.