Iris Solutions joins the International Youth Foundation’s Strategic Alliance Initiative

Iris Solutions is excited to share that we have been selected to join the International Youth Foundation’s Strategic Alliance Initiative. Together with IYF and Alliance members, we will embark on a bold effort to address global development challenges through a collaborative consortium of innovative youth-led organizations.  Learn more visit

Iris Solutions is one of 36 ventures selected by IYF to join the Strategic Alliance Initiative, which is comprised of youth-led ventures working in 20 countries in every global region, addressing issues ranging from health to environmental sustainability, social inclusion to education. The Alliance is seeking external investment and support to advance this work, specifically through cluster funding for thematic areas. 

“This initiative is founded on our belief that meaningful solutions to the world’s toughest challenges must come from the ground up, involve collaboration and partnership, and be innovative—maybe even audacious,”

IYF President and CEO Susan Reichle.

The Strategic Alliance Initiative will increase visibility for youth-led solutions to global development challenges, while also working to test market viability for deepening and expanding innovative, youth-developed models to new contexts and populations.

Iris Solutions is proud to partner with The International Youth Foundation (, an organization that believes young people belong at the forefront of development. Since 1990, IYF has impacted the lives of more than 19 million people in over 100 countries. Here’s how we’ve joined forces through the Strategic Alliance Initiative:

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