IRIS implements a special play park for children at Al Karama Center

February 1, 2021

Iris company has implemented a special play park for children in the Association for the Rehabilitation of the disabled and Family Guidance (Al Karama Center) in Jalazon camp, where the park was equipped with games for children to suit their ages; For them to be able to use it in a safe, useful and entertaining way, some sessions are carried out with the children of the center inside the garden and they are followed up in a specialized manner to support them and enhance their motor skills through the staff in the center.

Iris is working on implementing special gardens for children’s games, either indoors or outdoors, according to the users’ needs, the space available in the place and the category that will benefit from the gardens. The company provides games in a variety of sizes and colors, and according to the ages of the children benefiting from the place, to be a recreational corner that stimulates the senses at the same time.

The process of preparing the gardens begins with a visit to the site, determining the appropriate games for it, taking measurements of the space, then the stage of two- and three-dimensional design of the garden and the games in it. The process ends with the implementation of the garden on the ground.

It is worth mentioning that IRIS works to serve the educational and rehabilitation sector through its interactive services and products and to be a pioneer in Palestine in the field of interactive solutions.