Iris flies to Washington DC with 1776 acceleration program

Iris Solutions won Challenge Cup Local and then Challenge Cup Regional Dubai. Now, Iris is gearing up for the Global Finals competition on June 10, 2016. 1776 is hosting Challenge Festival on Tuesday, June 7 – Saturday, June 11 in Washington, D.C., and you’re invited.

The Challenge Cup is a worldwide tournament for the most promising, world-changing startups to win cash prizes, make international connections, and share their vision on a global stage. The annual competition culminates in the weeklong Challenge Festival event and Global Finals competition.

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs, influencers, policymakers, investors, and other startup champions from all over the world gather in Washington, D. C. for Challenge Festival. The week is full of opportunities to connect with startups and industry leaders, research potential ventures, learn from a diversity of insights and expertise, and check out the most promising startups as they compete for $175,000 in cash grants and up to $1 million in funding.

More than 3,000 startups have applied to Challenge Cup 2016, 1,000 have competed, and Iris Solutions is one of the 60 that will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges at Global Finals. The competing startups are the winners of Challenge Cup Local and Regional round events in 54 cities all over the world and represent the most promising innovations in the industries of Education, Health, Money, Security, Cities, Energy, Food, and Transportation.

You’re not going to want to miss out on the exhilarating Global Finals event and Challenge Festival week to get to know amazing startups, influencers, community leaders, and investors.

Learn more about the Challenge Cup below and on 1776’s website here.

Each year, 1776, a global incubator and venture fund, hosts a worldwide tournament called the Challenge Cup. Together with its Startup Federation partners, Revolution, the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), and over 50 incubator hosts around the world, 1776 will discover the most promising, highly scalable startups that are poised to solve the major challenges of our time.

Startups advance through three rounds: Local, Regional and Global Finals. All of the regional winners and a host of wild cards will be invited to participate in the Challenge Cup Global Finals next June in Washington, D.C. There, startups will compete for over $1 million in prizes, as well as spend time with the investors, customers, media, and other key connections that can help them succeed on a global scale.

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