Largest sensory garden in the West Bank

The Largest Sensory Garden in Palestine

Ramallah, February 13, 2024 – Iris Solutions completed a project to design, supply, and install the largest sensory garden in the West Bank, Palestine. This is at the Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Family Guidance – Al Karama Centre in Jalazoun Camp. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided funding. In partnership with Palestinian the Department of Refugee Affairs.

The project contained over 40 sensory gadgets that stimulated the senses. While also developing the motor, sensory, and physical skills of determined children in a safe and effective manner. Covering an area of 200 square metres.

The sensory garden serves as both a therapeutic and recreational place. It is often separated into three primary elements. The first section comprises sensory environment tools. It focuses on, visual stimulation, interactive wall, infinity mirror, and interactive tables. The second section of the park focuses on instruments for building muscles and improving vestibular balance. Such as a climbing wall, sensory swings, a launching pad, and other items that help youngsters strengthen their muscular systems. The third section of the park features interactive entertainment games and equipment such as swings, concentration, and balance games.

Yoneichi Nakashima, Ambassador of the State of Japan to Palestine, and Jassam Alyan, Director of the Al Karama Association in Jalazoun Camp, attended the sensory garden’s inauguration ceremony.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the Japanese Ambassador to the State of Palestine, Nakashima Yoichi, and members from the JICA Foundation inaugurated the sensory garden. There’s also the Department of Refugee Affairs. In the Jalazoun camp, Ramallah Governorate. The launch featured statements from the visitors, who discussed the necessity of having such qualitative and outstanding initiatives in rehabilitation centres for children with special needs. In addition to a tour of the center’s sensory garden.

Mr. Hossam Alyan, President of the Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Family Guidance, lauded the sensory garden for improving children’s lives while also offering an educational, recreational, and rehabilitative setting. The camp lacks specialised areas for youngsters.

The openning ceremony of the sensory garden
The opening ceremony of the sensory garden

Ms. Laila Jamous, Director of Public Relations at Iris Solutions, stated that this initiative is qualitative and remarkable in terms of the space and capabilities supplied. The models of teaching and rehabilitation via play were integrated. To serve as a model for the educational and therapeutic institutes with which we collaborate when using this space. To improve and accelerate children’s recovery by removing the barrier between the professional and the youngster.

The sensory garden provides a safe play environment for youngsters. It contains unique and diverse sensory instruments and toys. The specialist uses it to develop interesting, interactive, and sensory activities for children that engage all of their senses. It assists users in achieving their educational and rehabilitation goals.