Caritas Jerusalem and Iris Solutions on the delivery of the project

Iris Solutions delivers sensoryREADY to 49 families in cooperation with Caritas Jerusalem.

Bethlehem, 17 July 2023 — Iris Solutions, in collaboration with Caritas Jerusalem, has implemented a project to provide the home rehabilitation package from the sensoryREADY system to 49 families with disabled children. This collaboration aims to improve the sensory development of children with disabilities and provide the necessary community support for their families.

The sensoryREADY package for home rehabilitation provides an exceptional environment for children with disabilities to explore their senses, and develop sensory skills in the comfort of their own homes. The package includes a variety of tools, rehabilitation and entertainment content for children designed to enhance their response to environmental influences, develop visual-motor coordination, and increase their level of awareness.

This project is an opportunity for parents of children with disabilities to enhance their children’s communication and sensory responses at home and improve their children’s quality of life. Parents can utilise the sensoryREADY system on a daily basis to improve sensory interaction, comfort, learning, and rehabilitation.

Families expressed their happiness at receiving the system’s home rehabilitation package. The sensoryREADY has proven to have a positive effect on the development and enhancement of the abilities of children with disabilities who attend numerous rehabilitation centres.

Part of the families training on using the sensoryREADY
Part of the families training on using the sensoryREADY

The director of operations at Iris Solutions, Mohammad Nanish, expressed how pleased and proud Iris is to collaborate with Caritas Jerusalem on this project aimed at assisting disabled children and their families. He also discussed Iris’s belief that investing in sensory development can make a significant difference in these children’s lives.

Nisreen Awad, project manager at Caritas Jerusalem, stated, “We thank Iris for this valuable and productive partnership. This collaboration has been fruitful, and we have observed a marked improvement in the sensory and communication development of children with disabilities.”

This project was carried out in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity to empower and assist children with disabilities in society. The Iris Solution team anticipates additional initiatives and future projects that contribute to the realisation of a shared vision to improve the lives of children with disabilities.