Iris Solutions awarded the Presidential Innovation Medal in Palestine

September 2015. Ramallah, Palestine

The Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence (HCIE) organised the first national forum for innovators in Palestine, honouring over eighty Palestinian innovators in a ceremony that is intended to become an annual tradition, in order to provide the necessary exposure and recognition for innovations made in Palestine by Palestinians. Iris Solutions was among the five selected national awardee of the Innovation Presidential Medal.

The forum honoured Palestinian innovators in renewable energy, water and the environment, agriculture and nutrition, manufacturing, engineering, construction and real estate, medical sciences, natural sciences, disability-related systems, telecommunications and information technology, and nanotechnology.

About HCIE

Through its belief in the inherent creative capacities and energies of the Palestinian people and acknowledging the vital role of creativity in the establishment process of the State of Palestine, consolidation the steadfastness, resilience and prosperity of the Palestinian people, the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence pursues to play a leadership role in consolidating a culture of innovation and excellence within the Palestinian society, empowering innovators and strengthening a national innovation system as the main pillar of the knowledge economy that we look for

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