The opening of AlBanayat special education section

Opening of Sensory Integration section at Bunayat Centre for Special Education

Amman. March 5, 2024. In the presence of Princess Tharwat Al Hassan and Princess Zeina Rashid, the Young Muslim Women Association’s Al Bunayat Centre for Special Education inaugurated the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Integration Department. The Young Muslim Women’s Association Secretary and members of the Association’s Administrative Council attended the opening. In addition, a number of societal figures and women were in attendance, as were representatives from the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The agency announced the opening of six rehabilitation rooms. The Sensory Integration Room, which houses the educational and therapeutic sensoryREADY system for determined children, is also included.

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the Center’s Autism Department opened in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The ceremony featured talks by visitors discussing the importance and role of this department in enhancing the rehabilitation process for autistic youngsters.

Her Highness Princess Sarwat Al Hassan expressed her pride in such an edifice. And about his efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities. She acknowledged her satisfaction in the center’s annual progress and expansion. She commended the center’s instructional and administrative staff, as well as the Young Muslim Women’s Association, for their continuous efforts.

Mrs. Rasha Nasrallah, the center’s director, expressed her satisfaction with the center’s achievements and the programmes that followed, as well as her satisfaction with the completion of the expansion and the sensory integration room, while Ms. Hadeel Asaad, the curricula official, explained how the curricula provided by the Ministry of Education were adapted to meet the needs of the centre. Ms. Rawand Riad, an occupational therapist, confirmed that the sensory box can help improve and accelerate the recovery process. Dr. Bayan Al-Amarat, Education Assistant, discussed the sensory box system’s wide range of applications.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moatasem Al-Mahamid, a representative from Iris Solutions team, whom provided the sensoryREADY system, and talked about the sensoryREADY’s role and desired impact in improving the rehabilitation and education process, breaking down barriers between the specialist and the child, accelerating the achievement of educational and rehabilitation goals, and providing a safe, fun, and appealing environment for the child by departing from traditional methods of education and rehabilitation and using interactive education by employing sensory stimuli.

It is worth noting that the Al-Bunayat Centre for Special Education was Jordan’s first rehabilitation institution for special education, having opened in 1974. It serves over 135 individuals. It assists individuals with mild to severe intellectual disabilities. The Autism Spectrum Disorder Department was established to expand the center’s service area to include children with autism spectrum disease. The centre aims to achieve a major goal: to provide children with distinctive qualitative education and rehabilitation through technology, vocational rehabilitation, and curriculum adaptation to meet their unique needs and ambitions.