Iris Solution participates in GES – Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University

June 2016, Silicon Valley.

Iris Solutions attended this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) at Stanford University, US.

GES is a global event bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators, decision-makers, and investors. The three-day Summit includes master classes, training, workshops, and panels. Among the speakers this year will be US President Barack Obama.

The goal of the summit was to give entrepreneurs from all over the world, at all stages of business growth, the access and exchange they needed to create and come up with new ideas. Aiming to change the world. This Summit will be the seventh in a series that the US and the governments of Turkey, the UAE, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya have already hosted.

It is noteworthy that entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators from the MENA and other regions of the world will be among the speakers at this year’s GES. On the official GES website, you can find a complete list of speakers as well as the three-day program schedule.