Iris Interactive Solutions is a provider of equitable educational sensory products, services, and solutions.

Iris Solutions specialises in interactive educational technology. We began our journey in 2010 with the vision of a world in which technology transcends the boundaries of reality and improves life. We’ve set the goal of improving people’s lives through equitable sensory edutech solutions.

We firmly believe that every group and individual should have the opportunity to realise their full potential during their lifetime. We view technology as a tool, when employed appropriately, can facilitate and aid that.

Social Impact is our North Star. Our work is driven by research and rigorous validation and testing. We start each day with za’atar and creativity to build solutions that enable, enrich, heal, and entertain.

For us, iris is more than a technology company or an experience provider; it’s a enabler. A supplier of wonder, and hope. We build tools to get people forward, and help find peace and growth.