Established in 2010, Iris Solutions equips educational and rehabilitation institutions with immersive sensory technology. Since 2015 pivot, +10,000 end-users, across 350 institutions are benefiting from our sensory tech on a daily basis.

We are on a mission to make sensory technology an affordable standard in education.


– Provide a better quality of life through interactive sensory technology.
– Increase accessibility to sensory tech through affordable, high-quality, and localised products and services.
– Global pioneer and innovator in the field of assistive sensory technology.

For us, iris is more than a technology venture or an experience provider; it is an enabler. A supplier of wonder, and hope. We build tools to get people forward, and help find peace and growth. Started with the vision of a world where technology overcomes the borders of reality and makes life better, Iris has been building innovative solutions that enable, enrich, heal, and entertain.

Developing and building upon locally available materials to introduce futuristic technology, Iris’s first innovations went on to win awards and recognition. Powered by the response and the real need for change, Iris pushed forward to develop a growing line of products that kept evolving through their users, consistent research, and a burning desire for innovation.


– Impact is the North Star. Social business is the needed future.
– Validate, research, and user driven design.
– Creativity, innovation, and adaptability.

Today, Iris is a recognized expert and provider of a holistic package of solutions in the interactive sensory technology world, taking its big step into the future to bring solutions to household, classroom, and space.